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Nursing Prerequisites Made Easy

Microbiology Course Bundle | Microbiology Notes | Study Guides | Printed & Shipped

Microbiology Course Bundle | Microbiology Notes | Study Guides | Printed & Shipped

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Microbiology Course Bundle (Printed and Shipped)

Are you trying to get into the nursing program? Maybe you want to become a dental hygienist, x-ray tech, physician assistant, paramedic, dental assistant, nursing assistant, speech pathologist, medical doctor, or any other medical professional? In that case, you'll likely need to take Microbiology (along with many other science prerequisites).

AND, If you need a little help studying for Microbiology, or even figuring out how to study for this course at all... This one's for you!

Our Microbiology Course Bundle is for students who need a study system with more than just microbiology notes. It provides a plethora of ways to help you understand complex material via notes, writing activities sprinkled throughout, and microbiology study guides after each chapter. Along with the notes, these extra tidbits really help you to focus on the important material and forget about the filler. Microbiology doesn't have to be hard. This book makes it easy!

This bundle includes chapters covering the following:

- Intro to Microbiology
- Prokaryotic Cells
- Eukaryotic Cells
- Genetics
- Viruses and Prions
- Microbial Growth
- Microbial Metabolism
- Infectious Disease and Epidemiology
- Host-Microbe Interactions and Pathogenesis
- Innate Immunity and Adaptive Immunity
- Immune System Disorders
- Vaccines

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