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Nursing Prerequisites Made Easy

Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide Bundle | Anatomy and Physiology Notes | Anatomy and Physiology Flashcards | Digital Download

Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide Bundle | Anatomy and Physiology Notes | Anatomy and Physiology Flashcards | Digital Download

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Anatomy and Physiology 1 | Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide Bundle (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

This is our all-inclusive course bundle for Anatomy and Physiology 1. It Includes everything we've got for the whole course! From anatomy physiology notes to study guides, labeling sheets, flashcards, and writing activities, this package is a sure way to an easy A!

* 150+ pages of notes
* 1000+ flashcards
* Study Guides
* Labeling Sheets

Here's a list of what we cover inside:

* Intro to The Human Body
* The Cell
* Tissues
* Bones
* Joints
* Integumentary System
* Muscles
* Overview of The Nervous System
* Peripheral Nervous System
* Autonomic Nervous System
* Endocrine System
* Central Nervous System

Notes/Writing Activities/Labeling Sheets:

At the end of every anatomy physiology note section, you will find a collection of study tools in the form of writing activities, labeling sheets, or both. These are meant to help re-connect and hit on key points of the chapter you just learned -- a sure way to make the information stick! THE ULTIMATE VALUE PACK!

Flash Cards:

There are more than 1000 Anatomy and Physiology flash cards in this bundle. YES, you read that right... over 1000 flash cards. HELLO STUDY BUDDY! These little guys are powerhouses when learning Anatomy and Physiology. They come with multiple questions on one sheet. These sheets can be used in their digital format or printed and cut into individuals. If printed and cut into individuals, they fold in half with questions on the left side and answers on the right. If you choose to print and not cut them into individuals, you can see use the sheet(s) as a whole and fold them in half with the questions on the left side and the answer on the right, too.

Study Guides:

As part of the end-of-chapter study tools, Anatomy & Physiology study guides are sprinkled throughout the book as some of the writing activities. Along with the notes and flash cards, these are yet another way to make sure otherwise difficult information is re-visited and focused on for maximum impact.


Anatomy and Physiology I is a prerequisite for many science-based careers including, but not limited to: nursing, medical doctors, physical therapist, dental hygienist, Dentists, X-Ray tech, speech pathologist, nurse assistant, paramedic, and more...

About us:

Many months ago, I set out to create a powerful study tool to help students like YOU succeed in their journey to becoming a Registered Nurse. As a BSN nursing student, I’ve been in your shoes. Getting into nursing school is tough! However, the following notes and study guides will make your trek a lot easier.

Whether you've got existing anatomy notes, anatomy flash cards, anatomy study guide, medical notes, and beyond... this system is sure to help you along the way.

Stay focused. You got this!
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